Listen To What DAVE RAMSEY Has To Say About Guadalupe Bank

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Dave Ramsey here.  Too many people in business are merely transactional not relational.  That’s why when I find a company that believes people matter most, I have to recommend them to my listeners.

Today I’m talking about Guadalupe Bank.  When Guadalupe Bank says one of their core values is relationships, and that they strive daily to best serve customers, they do more than write it down on a nice piece of paper.  They back it up with action!  Guadalupe Bank reinvests 100% of their deposits into the community.  They know their customers by name.  They take great pride in welcoming every customer with a smile, and my personal favorite?  They offer fresh baked cookies! At the same time you can expect free checking, free nationwide ATM withdrawals, and a free safe deposit box with a new business account.

Whether it’s for your family or your business, switch to Guadalupe Bank.  Located in Fredericksburg, Kerrville, and Ingram, and